Bots by the Bay


CAMS Robotics Shows Their Stuff at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Bots by the Bay is a summer event managed by Team 687 that helps us reach out to the community. We bring our FRC, VEX, and ROV robotics to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, California, and allow the public to drive several robots. During this event, CAMS Robotics displays our love for FIRST and motivates the youths to start their own teams at their home school.


Our objective of Bots by the Bay is to reach out to the community and promote the ideals of FIRST. We show the significance of implementing math, science, and technology principles and explain how applying these principles to create robots can help improve real life situations. During this time, we spoke about each organization and answered any questions the public asked.


Team 687 has been participating in this event for the past four years. Our strong relationship with the Cabrillo Aquarium has allowed us to continue to showcase our robots each summer. Each year, the number of guests that have visited the Aquarium during our showcase has grown.


From 10AM to 2PM, the public show great appreciation towards our presentation of what we do as a team. Many people in the area do not know much about robotics principles and how they impact our lives. After listening to our presentation and gaining hands-on experience with robots, the community becomes cognizant of Team 687 and FIRST as whole.