School Events

Back to School Night and Open House

Open house or back to school night is a school even where all CAMS parents are invited to see the campus and get to meet the new school year teachers. The Team benefits from this event by displaying their robots to friends and family members. It gives the team a chance to show their loved ones what they have been working on throughout the season. Similar to The Taste of CAMS, parents and students are given the opportunity to purchase HEX Bugs or team paraphernalia that will help raise funds for the club.

Taste of CAMS

Taste of CAMS is an annual event the California Academy of Mathematics and Science hosts in the beginning of the school year. At this event, clubs such as FRC Team 687 Robotics, Drama, Dance, Musical Theater, and VEX Robotics, present to parents, new students, and other members of the community. At this event, Team 687 gets the opportunity to spread the word of FIRST to community members. The Build sub-team brings out robots to interact with people. Some of the members of Build give a tour of the machine shop, where they explain what goes on in there and skills they have obtained by taking engineering-based classes. The Administration sub-team sets up a table with team documents, trophies, contact information. At the table, parents and students who are interested in robotics come to obtain basic information on the team and our mission. About 20 members ,along side with our advisor and mentors, attend this event.

LBUSD High School Choice Fair

The Long Beach Unified School District hosts a choice fair every year. Schools from LBUSD go to the event to recruit upcoming freshmen. Team 687 was invited to represent CAMS at this event in 2014. The team brought with them a robot and the administration table. The team got the opportunity to inform families in Long Beach about the FIRST communities and the benefits of joining a school with a FRC team. The Nerds talked to students and parents about the engineering opportunities CAMS offers.

CAMS Information Days

CAMS holds information days two times a year. The information days are for parents and students who have an interest in the school to come and see the campus. Student volunteers help out giving tours of the campus. The Nerd Herd was asked in 2014 to be apart of the campus tour. The Build team sets up in the machine shop and on the school’s quad. The Administration team sets up a table in the quad. Some Build team members give a tour of the machine shop. The rest of Build team are outside with the robots. The Nerds try to make the parents and students interact with the robot. The Administration team gives information on how students can join the team and information about the classes that help connect with robotics.

Raytheon STEM Day

Raytheon STEM Day is an event Raytheon hosted at the El Segundo branch. The purpose of the event was to bring recognition to mentoring opportunities to Raytheon’s workers. FRC teams located near the El Segundo branch were asked to give a presentation with information about their team. This outreach event spreads the word of FIRST to adults. The teams brought with them their 2014 robot, 4 students, and a mentor. The workers got to see robots in action and talk to team members. Team members explain the skills needed to make a robot and run a business. The teams describe what areas mentors are needed and how the Raytheon workers can help. At the end of the event, Raytheon workers can sign-up to mentor a robotics team.

LBUSD Science Fair

LBUSD hosts an annual science fair at Cabrillo High School. The science fair is primarily for students with science projects. However, LBUSD gives the Herd permission to set up in front of the science fair. Here, we make fun activities for children in elementary and middle school. The children are given a brief summary on FIRST and an activity such as a word search or a coloring activities. After they complete the activities, we ask them a question on FIRST. Parents accompany their children to this event. The parents usually have questions on FIRST and about programs their children could participate in. The team makes flyers about FIRST programs such as FLL, FTC, and FRC.