VEX Resources


¬†Thanks to the VEX Forum, we can prevent you from panicking, and asking yourself, where’s the Round Up! Game Manual, the Inspection Checklist, and other important documents! No need to stress, all the documents regarding to VEX can be found here! Good luck, VEX Teams!


Game Manual
Game Description
Inspection Checklist
Inspection Guidelines
Robot Skills Challenge Manual
Programming Skills Challenge Manual
List of Awards


Are you going to the VEX World Championships this year? If so, congratulations! You will also need these waiver forms completed!

VEX World Waiver – Minor
VEX World Waiver – Adult


The following are several documents that have contributed to our VEX teams’ successes:
Admin 101 for Build Members

Articulation and Scenarios

Build 101 for Admin

Drive Systems

Drive Worksheet

Interpreting the Motor Curve with Practical Application

Intro to Robotics

Motor Parameters

Motors Worksheet


Programming Tutorial

Robot Design

VEX Drive Systems

VEX Training Week Articulation Presentation