Lanyard Sales

In 2014, the Nerd Herd started to sell customized lanyards to family, friends, and classmates. In order to make the lanyards more appealing to all CAMS students, the team customized the lanyards to say, California Academy of Mathematics and Science. By doing the lanyards could be sold to a wider range of audience. This in turn made the fundraiser more successful. The lanyards were sold at multiple school events and were also sold during a period of time by students. The team hopes to keep selling the lanyards as an ongoing fundraiser.

School Events

During school events such as Taste of CAMS, Open House, and Back to School Night, Team 687 sells trinkets such as Hex Bugs and team shirts are sold in order to raise money for the team. Selling these items during school events is a good idea because the team is not limited to only selling to team members or classmates, instead they can sell to parents, siblings, school staff, and friends. The team hopes to expand this type of fundraising by selling more things besides Hex Bugs and team paraphernalia.


Winter Fest 2013

On Friday, December 6, 2013 the Nerd Herd hosted CAMS’s first ever, Winter Fest. It featured live performances from Lancifer and Madeline Fuhrman. This outdoor concert raised funds to support the team in the upcoming season. Students from every grade level came out to the Science Quad to enjoy the festive outdoor concert and support the Nerds. Both artists were happy to support to be apart of Team 687’s fundraiser. The Nerds hope this will be the team’s newest annual fundraiser. Our team hopes that by continuing this tradition, not only will we host a fun after school concert for CAMS students to enjoy, but we will also be spreading the word of FIRST through music and musicians alike, that will help in spreading the word of FIRST, Robotics, and STEM beyond CAMS.