F.R.C. Competitions

Regional Competitions

Each year the team designs and builds a robot to compete in annual FIRST Robotics Competitions. Each year a new challenge is assigned by the FIRST organization. Teams then have six weeks to design and build a fully functional robot that can complete the challenge. Once build season is over, competition season begins. At the robotic competitions the team goes head to head with other teams. The winning teams of the competition then has the chance to attend FIRST World Championship.


Los Angeles Regionals- Since the year 2001, the team has competed in the Los Angeles Regionals. At Los Angeles Regionals, Team 687 has won many won many awards, such as the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award. At the Los Angeles Regionals, the team gets to compete with many different teams, local and out-of-state, and sometimes even out of the country! The Los Angeles Regionals is a great way to expand the team’s network to rookie teams that are local.



Las Vegas Regionals- In the year 2009, the Nerd Herd first attended the Las Vegas Regional. Located in the popular tourist city of Las Vegas, the team packed up and traveled to Las Vegas in order to compete. The competition was held in the Cashmere Center. In the Las Vegas Regionals of 2009 the Nerd Herd was awarded the Engineering Inspiration Award. At the Las Vegas Regionals of 2014 the team was able to make it to finals thanks to their alliance, which consisted of, team 1717 and team . It was here at Las Vegas regionals that the team was able to qualify for World’s. Aside from that the team also won the 2014 Entrepreneurship Award. After a successful season at Las Vegas Regionals the team hope to attend future competitions in Las Vegas.



FIRST World Championship

In the FRC season of 2014, Team 687 was given the opportunity to attend FIRST World Championship after qualifying at Las Vegas Regionals in 2014. For the World Championship, teams from all over the world traveled to St. Louis, Missouri in order to compete. At World’s. the Nerd Herd faced off with the world’s top teams. The team was able to meet people from all across the world. Even though the team did not win, the Nerds left with new memories that would last forever.

In 2012, the team won the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepreneurship Award at the FIRST World’s Championship. This is the highest level the team could’ve competed for this award, so winning such an award was a great accomplishment.