Golden State VEX Championship

On February 25, 2012, the NerdHerd hosted the first ever Golden State VEX Championship at the Student Union on the campus of CSUDH! Working with partner host Small Manufacturers’ Institute (SMI), the NerdHerd is proud to say that the event was a huge success. The event attracted 62 VEX teams. Not only did these teams participate in a US National and World Championship Qualifying event, but many of the teams took advantage of the robot and programming skill competitions available. Team 687 would like to congratulate the following teams for their victories at the VEX Golden State Competition:

Tournament Champions

  • 1437- Viewpoint
  • 1437Z- Viewpoint
  • 569- Murrieta Valley High School

Tournament Finalists

  • 21- Champs Charter High School
  • 5776B- Dougherty Valley High School
  • 599D- Granada Hills Charter High School

Excellence Award

  • 599D- Granada Hills Charter High School

Build Award

  • 21C- Champs Charter High School

Community Award

  • 1138 & 1138B- Charminade College Prep


  • 569- Murrieta Valley High School

Design Award

  • 687Z- California Academy of Mathematics and Science

Energy Award

  • 4073A- Joe Walker Middle School

Innovate Award

  • 21- Champs Charter High School

Judges Award

  • 83- Charminade College Prep




After a grueling yet memorable six week Build season, the Nerd Herd officially bagged their robot at 11:55 PM PST on Tuesday, February 21, 2012! What an awesome six weeks.  We hope to see everyone at LA Regional next month!

FRC Award Essays Submitted

Today, the NerdHerd submitted their essays for this year’s FRC Regionals!  With five days left until Robot Bag Day, the Build team is hard at work putting the final touches on our robot.  LA Regionals, here comes 687!


Building with Build

Team 687 is progressing day by day. For the past couple of weeks, our build sub-teams have been working together diligently, and dedicating countless hours to the team. Team 687 is working hard to stay on track with our upcoming deadlines, despite all of the distractions. The FRC Scrimmage on February 19th will help the team learn of the rigorous competition that awaits us at the future regionals. Once FRC Robot Bag Day passes, our team members can finalize all the preparation needed to host the Golden State VEX Championship (to be held on February 25th)!

P.S. We hope that our robot can score as many points as Jeremy Lin in a single match.

Robots Have Feelings Too!

Roses say “I love you.” Orchids are befriending. Carnations say “I like you.” Which message will you be sending? CAMS Robotics will be selling flowers for Valentine’s Day! Choose from carnations, roses, and orchids! Order forms are available in the office and are due to Mrs. Jerzycke by February 9th. Orders placed after February 9th may be accepted, but will cost an additional $1 per item. Support CAMS Robotics while making your loved one smile!

Valentine’s Day Flower Order Form

Admin Times

The Administration sub-team has been working hard on their award-winning Business Plan and Guides throughout the FRC season. Although we are currently under immense pressure to complete our tasks, we still manage to balance the stress by having fun. The past week consisted not only of filming and writing, but also hair-dying admin leader Cleaya’s hair with Cherry Kool-Aid. How’s that for a stress reliever? Using latex gloves to ensure safety, we produced a concoction containing 6 Cherry Kool-Aid packets, two drops of conditioner, and water. After saturating the tips of her hair with this mixture, we safely enclosed them in saran wrap. After blow-drying her hair for fifteen minutes, the rinsing process began. To our dismay, none of the dye remained in her hair, but we hope to repeat the process (this time with realy dye!) after FRC awards have been submitted. Good luck to all teams on their award submissions to STIMS!

2012 FRC Season Kickoff!

The 2012 Build Season is underway, and the game challenge this year is Rebound Rumble! This game challenges teams to design and build a robot that is capable of scoring as many basketballs in hoops in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Alliances will be formed with teams of three. Each game begins with a Hybrid Period when one robot from each alliance may control their robot with a Microsoft Kinect.  Near the end of the game, teams may compete for bonus points by balancing bridges located in the middle of the field. In addition, Alliances will earn Coopertition points by working together to balance the white bridge in the center of the field.
Click here to view manuals and documents relating to this year’s game. Have a great season, FIRST teams!


Kicking off!

With less than three days left for Kickoff, the NerdHerd has met to plan their schedule for the rigorous, six-week FRC season. Making data sheets to compare different gear ratios for the drive system has allowed the team to figure out an appropriate configuration. With the suggestions under the supervision of our lead mentor, Lucky Ted, the control sub-team has rebuilt a sensor to perfection. Hopefully, we’ll be able to accomplish all critical tasks before Kick-off to have a successful start to the season.

HEXBUG Holiday Fundraiser


‘Tis the season to be jolly, Team 687!  Celebrate the holidays by purchasing a HEXBUG for a friend, a family member, or even yourself!  Click on the link below to print out an order form.  Please return the order form with the correct amount of money to Mrs. Jerzycke in the office by Friday, December 2, 2011.  More information can be found on the order form.
Holiday HEXBUG Fundraiser Order Form


NerdHerd Blues

Today we had an excellent robotics competition. The teams? Well, they were present. The match list? Well, it was printed. Let this be no indication of the actual skill of the teams present or the accuracy of the match list printed. Regardless, the competition happend. The awards were definitely handed out, and lucky ted seemed lucky as ever. The clean up was amazing, the best part, actually. The competition lasted for far longer than expected. So clean up began sooner than expected. Well, sooner in relation to the end of the competition, rather than Pacific Standard Time. Afterwords, the amazing Mikey paused being amazing as he was kidnapped by Vinnny and Matthew “the great” Francis-Landau. Furthermore, his car was impounded, and, to add insult to injury, was driven by someone MUCH TALLER than himself. As a result, the seat was moved ALL THE WAY back, which would ’cause much trouble to someone of Mikey’s stature in maneuvering the vehicle in question.