Last day of competition

Today is our last day of the central valley competition.  We have taken the shooter off of the robot ago that we won’t be top have and will be able to go on the bridge in a triple balance with our 14″drive base.
Add for the award ceremony, our admin team won the entrepreneurship award again this year.

Madera first day of competition

We are queued for the third match of the day.  We are election much better results than at Los angles regional.  This time we have already worked through many of the mechanical issues.  Additionally we have given the programming team a chance with the robot.  They have between able to already get the board loop control on the drive system and now are only waiting for distance calibrations on the shooter before the robot will be fully functional.


The first day after competition, 3-19-2012

Today we are reflecting on the results from this weekend.  There were a lot of issues that we still have to work out with the robot.  While at competition, we discovered that there were mechanical issues with our drive system.  We found out by Friday morning that we were able to fix these lock up issues by losing  screws on the drive gear boxes.

Friday after noon after we were not picked during the alliance selection, we began looking towards our future.  We gave the programming team their first chance to move the articulation on the robot.  We found that the intake mechanism had problems getting the ball, however we were able to intake a ball if there was another ball already there and the two balls are then able to force each other up the into the intake mechanism.  When it came to the shooter, the programming team had to fix the wiring for the encoder.  When the shooter was in a function order we went out the testing area and played for a few minutes.  Unfortunately these few minutes were enough for one of the motors on the shooter to dislodge  itself.  It is sad to say that this was the end of our Los Angles competition experience as Saturday was over and we had to rebag the robot.

While the competition was extremely stressful, there is still a glimmer of hope, we believe that our 14″ robot base strategy for balancing a third robot on the bridge will be a real winner.  We are now busily at work attempting to plan our next attack, we are working on a new mechanism to lower the bridge because the last one was unable to reach low enough.  Additionally we are working hard to lower the center of gravity the reduce the chance of tipping over.  The programming team on the side also is claiming that they will be able to get the shooter working if they are given time on the Thursday.

LA it was good, and we did make good progress on our bot, and now Central Valley we are going to be coming back stronger than ever.


LA Regional – Day Three

Today is going to be a day for the history books; however this won’t be written by the victors.
Today we are in somewhat of a jam. Yesterday, the left side of the drive suffered a mechanical breakdown. The mechanical team is frantically trying to fix it. In the meantime, the programming team is focusing their work on the remaining part of the robot, attempting to get the articulation working.
In addition, our drivers got their first experience driving the robot yesterday, and realized it was a little top heavy. The mechanical team is starting to research solutions to ensure that the robot doesn’t tip during competition.

All in all, we are going attempt to make out matches, but without a fully-working drive system, the team is planning for the future in an attempt to maximize our skills for the next competition.

Better luck next time, NerdHerd.

LA Regional – Day Two

We are currently on the bus on the way to the Long Beach Arena for the second day of the LA Regional Competition.
Yesterday, the mechanical team spent the whole day working on the robot, assembling all remaining parts.  The robot was only turned on for the first time minutes before we left for the day. Today, the programming team will be given their first chance to work on the robot during the regional, hoping to attend the qualification matches.

We are hoping for good, much-needed, luck today. Go NerdHerd!

LA Regionals!

As you can see on our home page, the countdown is quickly approaching zero! The Nerd Herd is making the last of its preparations for the competition that will be held from March 15th – 17th at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach. We are all really excited, and we hope to see you all there!
If you would like more information regarding this week’s upcoming competition, please visit the link provided below!
LA Regionals