As we ended the Build season with a completed and tested robot, we are now preparing for the LA Regional Competition that is coming up in weeks to come. I will update more regarding to the competition soon. Otherwise, see you all around!!!


Hi guys!!!! Team 687 is progressing day by day. For the past couple of weeks, our build team has been working together diligently, and dedicating countless hours to the team. Team 687 is working hard to stay on track with our upcoming deadlines. With the last week approaching, the build has accomplished many tasks like finishing CAD and all other drawings as well as the prototypes. The team is finalizing on its machining and assembling and hoping to test it by the end of the week. LA Regional is our next competition and it is approaching pretty quickly, so I hope to update more about it soon.

Starting the Design Process

After FRC Kickoff and the announcement of this year’s game, Ultimate Ascent, Team 687’s build sub-team is getting right to work! Currently, the team is discussing Design Specifications. Go Nerd Herd!

-Desiree Diaz

Administration Chairwoman 2012-2013

FRC Kickoff 2013!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Now that 2013 just started, it is time for the FRC season to start! That being said, tomorrow is FRC Kickoff! In case it was not absolutely clear, it will be held tomorrow at Northrop Grumman Building S Cafeteria (One Space Park, Redondo Beach, CA 90278) at 6:30 AM. You can download a map here:

We have been preparing for this day since April of last year and we are extremely excited! Not to mention, tomorrow, we will be introduced to the one and only DEAN KAMEN! So, don’t miss it! I hope to see you all there!

Getting prepared for FRC kickoff

 Hi there! Long time no see! This is Kazuki, the new co-media leader of CAMS administration. We’re currently having a meeting to be ready for the FRC kickoff that’s coming up next month. The 2013 competition seems to be slightly different from last year’s especially for the administration team. Of course, there are the chairman’s award, safety animation award, and entrepreneurship award. However, what changed is the “website award”. It is now called the “Digital Media Award”. Essentially, it contains the same content, but we need to gear the website towards outreach. Thus, we are trying to revise and gather information as much as we can, so that the team website will contain up-to-date information. Also, we will connect the website with the team’s Facebook, twitter, and tumblr page. Lastly, since I am a filmmaker, we would like to make YouTube videos about FIRST, so stay tuned for that! There are many things to be done before the competition and both build and admin are working hard towards it. I will update another blog post soon. For now, Merry Christmas! And enjoy your break

- Kazuki

The opening of documents

Now that the FRC season has end for us, we are going to start opening up select documents from our build season. The first of which is the source code from our robot.

In our code, we incorporated the CSV config file reader that was provided by team 254 last year.  We additionally built our own logging mechanism that allowed us to monitor the voltage and current on all motors constantly and during the matches.  However this code did get scared from the battle of this last weekend competition and the programming team will be cleaning it up a bit.

A Look at the future

Today after the selection process, we started looking to what we are going to be doing in our off-season.  We are thinking of redesigning the robot.  Our head mentor, Luck Ted, wants to keep the same basic design with the 14″ drive base, this design would allow us to get two fairly large robots along with ourselves in a triple balance.   Some of the mechanical leaders are looking at other possible designs that will could work for off-season competition.

All in all, we know that monday at our robotics meeting, we are going to have a long conversation about what we are going to do next.