Chezy Champs!!!

Team 687 has arrived at San Jose and is excited to participate in the off season match hosted by this year’s world champions, team 254 The Cheesy Poofs.

Final Results

The last match of Las Vegas Regionals has been played, and the winners are Teams 2485, 987, and 2478. It was a great match, though, and it was an honor to play with all the other teams.


After replaying the semi-finals over and over and over, we finally over came the tie breaker and got into finals! Let’s win the whole thing, Nerd Herd!

3rd seed!

We were invited by the third seed, team 1717 and team 3476, to join them for these final matches! We’re definitely ready to kick bot and win!

More from Las Vegas

We didn’t do so hot in our first match, but our alliance won in our second! Go, Nerd Herd!

Las Vegas Regionals – Day 2

Competitions start today, and everyone is excited! Wish us luck!

L.A. Regionals

Build Season is almost over, and L.A. Regionals start tomorrow! Our Admin sub-group is finishing up important documents, and our Build sub-group is putting the final touches on the robot. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Go, Team 687!

I <3 Robots

Happy Valentines Day fellow FIRST teams!

Valentines day robots.

Hope everything is going well as you prepare for bag day.


And So it Begins…

Team 687 is working hard! After hearing that this year’s game would be Aerial Assist, our Build sub-team got straight to work on designing the best robot. Our Administration sub-team is currently working on updating their award winning Business Plan and Guides. These next weeks may include a lot of work, but there will definitely be a lot of fun!

Be a Nerd, Join the Herd!

Team 687 is starting a campaign to promote the idea that being a nerd is acceptable! There are communities, such as FIRST Robotics, that will accept you for who you are.

Within the next few weeks, we will be sharing videos to prove that being a nerd can be cool! Be a nerd, join the herd!

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