Unlike build team who focuses mostly on aspects of the robot, the administration subteam focuses mostly on the business aspects of the team. The administration team is further divided into three smaller subteams: Admin, Media, & Outreach. Each sub-administration team is led by one leader but the whole administration team is led by one chairwoman.



Chairwoman: Monica Negrete

As chairwoman Monica is responsible for overlooking the administration team and making sure it’s running smoothly. She keeps the mentors and the build team chairmen up-to-date on what the administration is doing. She also sets deadlines for all of the administration sub-teams to meet and assist whenever her help is required. In addition, she directly communicates with the team’s outside relations.



The admin sub-team of administration is responsible for creating, planning, and running fundraisers. They also edit and create new guides every year, make travel arrangements, provide the team with meals, and help run parent meetings. In addition, they help manage finances and increase revenues. The most important job of the Admin sub-team is to promote the business side of the Nerd Herd.

Admin Leader: Amanda Kan

As Admin Leader, Amanda is in charge of training new admin members, setting deadlines, and talking to administration chairwoman. She is also in charge of editing the Business Plan and keeping it up-to-date. Amanda is also in charge of setting up fundraisers and making sure they run smoothly.



The media sub-team is responsible for promoting the team with the help of technology like keeping the team’s social media up to date, taking pictures and videos during events and meetings, editing and creating videos, and designing team paraphernalia. As member of the media sub-team, he or she is always trying to find new and creative ways to project the team in a captivating way to interest young followers.

Media Leader: Rosa Hernandez

As Media Leader Rosa is in charge of training new members of her sub-team, creating assignments, communicating with the chairwoman and helping her sub-team complete assignments. In addition to that, Rosa is in charge of making decisions dealing with the team’s image on any type of media.



The outreach sub-team is responsible for organizing and/or creating outreach events that will allow the team to spread the message of FIRST and to teach people of all ages about STEM. In addition to that, the outreach sub-team finds way to connect with people through different types of media outlets, like social media.

Outreach Leader: Janet Gudino

As Outreach Leader, Janet is responsible for coordinating outreach events that fit the teams schedule and overseeing all outreach events. In addition to that, Janet is in charge of contacting different people to set up events and collaborations.