“To increase the number of students interested in mathematics and science and create a world where young people aspire to become leaders in fields associated with Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)”


The Mission of Team 687, the Nerd Herd, is to encourage the youth to pursue fields in science and technology by offering an exciting mentor-based program that helps build real world engineering and business skills along with well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

The Nerd Herd is based on the campus of the California Academy of Mathematics & Science (CAMS), a small, public high school located in Carson, California. Being one of the most popular clubs on campus The Nerds are divided into the engineers (the Build Team) and the entrepreneurs (the Administration Team). Together, we make up one LARGE nerd herd that is able to get hands-on, practical experience with machining, manufacturing, designing, documentation, finances, entrepreneurship, and management! Guided by our older nerds (our awesome mentors), we get to learn, grow and reach our potential.

However, we would not be able to complete our mission without any financial support. The Nerd Herd fundraises by holding events like Winter Fest and selling Nerd Herd paraphernalia, to help us stay financially stable. In addition to fundraisers, the team receives a significant amount of financial support from our sponsors – Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, SpaceX and CAMS PTSO.

Spreading the word of FIRST and STEM is a major part of our goal. The Nerd Herd participates in events around the community, such as Bots by the Bay at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro and CAMS Showcase, where we enlighten the community about robotics.  Our partnership with PressFriends allows us to educate elementary and middle school students about STEM with our branch called STEMFriends. With events like these, our Outreach program is constantly growing.

Team 687 plans to keep reaching out to our community to help develop an interest in STEM fields. We plan on continuing to expand our Outreach program by mentoring more middle school students and going to more community events to help spread the word of FIRST. We vow to continue to stay active by attending the FRC kickoff in January and competing in local regionals.

Be a nerd! Join the herd! Go 687!

-The Nerds of Team 687